Who We Are

Gurgaon Talkies shouts out to all the people who wish to party in style with foot-tapping music and flowing platters of mouth-watering delicacies to make the most out of their days.

With summer in full swing, everyone’s got pool parties on their mind! Pool parties are a great way to get people together, whether you’re planning a party for children, adults, friends or family.

  • Fine Dining
  • Rain Dancing
  • Exquisite Bar
  • Fun Gaming
  • Relaxing Pool
  • Drive in Theater

Why Choose Us



Laser Vibgyor is India's premium Laser Multimedia Show Company which is offering a world of laser show entertainment. Laser shows special effects for any type of event from a product launch to birthday event, exhibitions to film festivals, Indoor or Outdoor we have the complete solution. High powered 30W RBG (Multi Color) Laser System to 20W GREEN Laser systems, which will make sure your event will look spectacular.



To provide employment opportunities and economic development for North India, through tourism and destination family resort recreation.
We are committed to consistently providing enjoyable recreation, a safe environment, and memorable vacation experiences for every guest and every member of the staff.




e will accomplish this through excellence in service, innovation, and anticipation of our guests ever changing needs and expectations. The ability to fulfill this commitment will be reflected in our profitability, continued growth, and the success of our company and each individual.

Core Values


Among the standards, morals, ethics, ideals, and tenets of beliefs that we strive to encourage, uphold and sustain with our managerial and service staff, is for us to be relevantly creative but eco-minded, to build lasting rapport and relationships, to always be honest and professional, to extend compassion where required, and to be responsible for our own actions. In addition, we strive to be approachable, are always truthful and sincere, to have dedicated passion for our work and duties, to co-exist as a team and to respect others irrespective of age, race and/or religion, to have courage to embrace change, and to deliver exceptional and exemplary service 24/7 to everyone and anyone who walks through our doors.

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Jane Doe

Just Perfect!

It was fun, and lot relaxing, at the same time. Music, food and the company of friends makes for a wonderful retreat away from hustle-bustle of the city.

Akshay Bilani
By Infopark