Agar Yeh Nahin Dekha to Kuch Nahin Dekha

Our Instructions on how to do a rain dance

  • Find a large open area where you feel inspired and comfortable to dance (alas, Australian cricket stadiums no longer qualify).
  • It should be rhythmic and easily repeated. ''Oi oi oi'' does not count.
  • Now comes the athletic component. Raise your hands to the sky and spin in a clockwise direction, chanting softly. Close your eyes, feel the wind at your face and soak in the atmosphere.
  • Continue as long as you please before stopping abruptly and dropping to your knees.
  • Gradually spin faster while chanting louder until you are spinning as fast as you can and yelling at the top of your voice


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Jane Doe

Just Perfect!

It was fun, and lot relaxing, at the same time. Music, food and the company of friends makes for a wonderful retreat away from hustle-bustle of the city.

Akshay Bilani
By Infopark



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